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Welcome to Pavia Football Club unofficial site!

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This internet site is dedicated to Pavia Calcio, team taking part in Italian third division (serie C1). Here you’ll find results, comments, club history, old newspaper articles, photographies: over 300 pages concerning my favorite team.

This site has not an English translation, but some sections are easily readable: for example  “history”, “classifica”, “tabellini” or “link”.

In “history” section you can consult the lifetime of Pavia Football Club with players, results, goal scorers. Moreover, you’ll find some old photographies and a lot of scannings regarding “Provincia Pavese” old articles.

In “classifica” there are the results of Pavia in this football championship. Then, in “tabellini” you can see Pavia line-up and all the match played this year. In “link” section are listed a lot of sites regarding Pavia Football Club, opposing teams and others.

Besides, there are a forum and a chat, where you can leave your opinion or your request. At last, in “link” section you can suggest a site.

Thanks for your visit!